A tribute to Tuci, and information about other birds with whom I share my life.

Male Timneh African Grey Parrot
Obtained April, 1995
Died April 7, 2003

Probable age: 10-14

He Loved Being A Wild Bird

A tribute to Tuci

born ~1992 ó died April 7, 2003

Tuci was my wildest grey. He loved roaming around, and also on warmer days being in his big cage outside. He would occasionally sneak up near me while I was watching TV to see if there was perchance a treat he could obtain, and he would also sometimes venture up a few stairs to see what was happening in the kitchen.

Tuci hated being touched, and he would fight when he felt the need. But Tuci was fundamentally a gentle fun loving bird - especially around those of his flock he recognized as fellow birds & friends.

During the past 8 years Tuci spent much of time trying to pass on his genes with the help of his female friend Lady. Sadly Lady never produced an egg. But at least Tuci spent his time having as much fun as he could.

Tuci did have some emotional pain & baggage, inflicted firstly by either his previous owners, or by his travails to arrive here (if he were wild caught). Some birds are relatively happy in the company of humans, but Tuci would just have assumed to have stayed away. Facades of wildness were provided for Tuci, but they were probably inadequate to his needs.

Fundamentally though Tuci didn't deserve the life he got. He just wanted to be away from people & do what he felt inclined to do. Tuci didnít deserve to be around foolish careless ignorant humans, and tragically his genetic legacy will not be passed on. Tuci certainly didnít deserve his death, which was most likely caused by either human stupidity or human ignorance.

This is a tribute to Tuci. May his death prompt increased diligence on the part of selfish humans who desire to have highly fragile, dynamic, and intelligent fellow creatures in their midst. May this apparently blatant failure prompt others to act more responsibly.

Tuci loved being a wild bird. We didnít deserve him.


My other birds:

Multiple pictures of Chirpa Derpa II - a Quaker Parakeet living with Jonathan

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Chripa Derpa II, a Quaker Parakeet. Chirpa enjoys the following activities: screaming all day long; being aggressive to paper, fingers, a small plastic bird in her page, and the remote control; taking baths; at times being scratched on the back of her neck (in a fashion that gently reaches her skin); chewing on my shoelaces; eating cereal, potatoes, orange juice, and any bread uncontaminated by anything sticky or saucey; going under my shirt and screaming; hiding under the desk while on my leg and looking for things to attack; walking on the floor to find things to eat; a very light but persistent rough housing where I gently touch her wings with my fingers - she starts screaming and bobbing her head - she lets me know when she's had enough; hanging upside down on the underside of my left t-shirt sleave and chewing; going inside my t-shirt and chewing out various areas (no less than 10 t-shirts have been destroyed in this way); hiding inside my coat when I go on walks; preening my Timneh African Grey Coco; playing with her paper & plastic toys when I'm playing with her; and being gently wrapped up in either paper towel or cotton wash cloths or a sock (all dry & clean) whereupon she screams and attacks the surrounding material.

Chirpa does not enjoy small children, especially when they have plastic toys in their hands. She also doesn't like long sticks or stick-like objects, nor balloons, nor dolls.

Multiple pictures of Coco, Gizmo, Tuci & Lady - Timneh African Grey parrots

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Coco, a Timneh African Grey parrot.



Gizmo, a Timneh African Grey parrot. With the death of Tuci I've removed these other detailed descriptions. I'll need to rewrite them all now that Tuci is gone.



Tuci, a Timneh African Grey parrot, died April of 2003

Lady, a Timneh African Grey parrot. 
Tuci and Lady

Tuci and Lady

Past observations:

under cage view

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