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Coco - male Timneh African Grey (or TAG)

Tuci & Lady (TAGs) attempting to make babies

Gizmo - female TAG


Male Blue Jay @ Tracy Aviary

Blue Jay


Tuci on top of box, Lady lower

Chirpa Derpa II - Quaker Parakeet

Tuci & Lady


Under cage view



Tuci & Lady






Coco & Tuci can see each other

California quail & other

various outside birds

Raven - click here to go to source

Scrub jay

Scrub jays

Raven - source unknown

outside birds

Pet crow mosaic
Left image description: 1. Screech - a magpie raised and released by Deborah Cavel-Greant of Calgary Explorer
2. a male Blue Jay at Tracy Aviary
3. African Pied Crow - photo from a page about the Berenty Reserve
4. Kaiser the Jackdaw found by Åsa Lensu-Sjögren and kept a friend, Maud Gronberger
5. Kaiser on a keyboard

[All images copyright their original authors as noted above. Some images gleaned from the image gallery of The Raven.]

A raven from The Crow - notice the long crooked beak - source: web

Scrub Jays
[various Magpies seen outside]

Pet crow painting - click here to go to author's page

Scrub jays

Steller's Jay - click here to go to the source

Swallows (or Starlings?) near Great Salt Lake
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All images copyright Jonathan , unless a different source is listed, or unless a link has been provided to the original author.

The above images come from the following sources: My own photographs, images gleaned from the World Wide Web (properly credited and/or linked to when possible), and images gleaned from the public Usenet newsgroup through the facilities of

I found it necessary to use three software packages to manipulate the images here. They are:

Paint Shop Pro - an excellent shareware image editor which does support the Kodak PhotoCD format directly, as well as WordPefect WPGs. Paint Shop Pro is downloadable from TUCOWS.

Lview - does not support as many formats or as many image filters as Paint Shop Pro, but is sometimes nice to work with. Lview can be found at the above mentioned TUCOWS site.

GIF Construction Set - allows the creation of animated GIF files - something Paint Shop Pro and Lview do not presently support. Even though there is a Windows 95 version, I had to use the Windows 3.1 version in order to successfully convert all the images. Available from the following page:

Thumb Nailer 4.1 - a crippleware program that seems useful enough, at least until it becomes non-useful after 15 days. I am still searching for a better Thumbnail-to-HTML program. If you know of one that is not crippleware please email me at email_image.gif (1295 bytes)

The animation shop that comes with Pain Shop Pro 5.

The program Hijaak Morph as found as or more specifically at  .
All the Magpie pictures were scanned to Kodak PhotoCD. The original images encompassed a much larger area. I spent about 20 hours processing them down to their current state. If some of the Magpie pictures look dark, try turning up the brightness of your monitor. You could also download the images you want and use Paint Shop Pro or Lview to lighten them.

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