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"...Member of the Kingdom of Heaven..."

A Message from Kolob

Dear puny humans who are Mormons, and who know of Mormons,

I, Kokau Kola, Captain of the Kolob Interference Reparation Kouncil (or KIRK), bring to you an important message from Kolob.

In your common era year 1,820, some members of my race visited your planet. While scanning over your State of New York in your United States, they found a human who was amenable to a little prank. Kolobites known to you as Elohim, Jesus, and Moroni, colluded with your Joseph Smith to create what they saw as a funny (yet illegal) farce.

On Kolob we have a law against negatively interfering with other species on other planets. The deviant criminal Kolobites who colluded with Joseph Smith helped to create the myth than an alien god from our planet wants you to return to us - this is simply not the case! We do not want to be your gods! We know that humans can be easily manipulated.(1) We have come here to help you to learn that it is time for you to stand on your own two feet. You need not bow to aliens on other worlds.(2) You now finally have the tools necessary to grow up!

Let's get down to work...

How should one find and accept truth?

What they tell you in Temple Square:

"In order to find truth we must want to find it. Only when we are unafraid of truth can we find it. We can find truth by actively seeking for truth, praying for understanding, and then following God's inspiration."

What are the problems with following their approach?

Mormons accuse those anti to their cause of using half-truths. Yet, their own "truth finding" method is not honest nor factual. The act of "praying to god," and of relying on highly impressionable "feelings," as a key component of truth finding, represents a way to dumb-down & to suppress humans.(3) Whose voice answers your prayers? Your own. Because you have such vivid imaginations, and because you can dream, your inner voices (which are your inner non-spoken thoughts) can be hijacked, and you can come to misinterpret your inner voices, and what your inner voices say to you can be warped through believing that some invisible being is or will answer you. Your own brain answers your prayers. You answer your prayers. The fruits of many Mormon prayers relating to the Book of Mormon bear this out.(4)

Some points your "leaders" don't want you to ponder.

1. DNA & anatomic evidence shows that the Native American peoples (north, central, and south) are from Asia, not from Abraham, not from Israel.(5)

2. The Mormon God, if he exists, is a hostile alien. If & when he spoke to Joseph Smith, he should have foreseen future problems with "His" Church. He should have revealed more facts about the universe, and the value of science, and so on. The fact is that Joseph Smith's "still small voice" was his own. And even the loud thundering voice-of-God he heard was his own. These facts can be shown by the complete lack of insight and foresight in the revelations from the Mormon God. For example:

a.) The Mormon God did not reveal to Joseph that it would be racist or misogynistic to keep the Mormon priesthood from Africans or women.(6)

b.) At no time does the Mormon God reveal to Joseph the value of the scientific method of discovery, or anything relating to the fact (not fiction) of evolution.(7)

c.) At no time does the Mormon God reveal to Joseph that it is simply absurd to take all of the Bible literally. He never told Joseph that hard science leads directly to a lack of support for a literal interpretation of the creation story in Genesis, and a lack of support for a global flood.(8)

d.) At no time does the Mormon God reveal to Joseph that it took 4.5 billion years for humans to evolve into existence from the birth of your solar system, and that it's been some 10-14 billion years since the big bang.(9)

There are simply things which Joseph (AKA the Mormon God) could not foresee. No one can predict the future with much accuracy. How was Joseph to know that the contents of cells would show the Book of Mormon is a fabrication?(10)

3. The idea that any one race on this planet is "chosen" by an invisible, and arbitrarily hostile being is not only absurd, it is damaging. How many Buddhists are there in the world? How many Hindus? Why did not the Kolobite Jesus visit them, and if he did, where is the proof? Looking at the native cultures as heathenistic is xenophobic and racist!(11) Looking back on the sad history of the oppression of native peoples, it seems to me the thing they needed most was for Caucasians to leave them the hell alone!(12)

4. Mormons will argue against scientific & factual & anthropologic & logical proofs against their orthodoxy with such statements as: "God will reveal the full measure of things at the last day," or "God purposely hid evidences of his existence so that we would have to rely on 'faith' to find the 'truth' about him," or "It is not our place to question how God did things, or the teachings of His servants." All these types of statements show a fear of truth. A fear of reason. A fear of fact. A fear of becoming psychologic adults.(13)

5. The leaders of Mormonism have, from the beginnings of their Church, sought to hide the truth. They are afraid of any truth which is not "faith promoting" - which would serve to discredit the great lie they, and their followers, have sucked themselves into.(14)

6. Mormonism runs counter to what it is to be human. Sexually. Intellectually. Personally. Mormonism claims we can be fully happy only if we accept their truth. But their truth is not truth. It is not factual. It denies our true nature as animals which took some 4.5 billion years to evolve into existence. Like it or not, that is our heritage. And what we are shall determine our destiny. There is no shame in realizing our direct connection to all other life. Rather there is awe, and nobility. We are what we are. We live in a glorious & hostile universe. We finally, after so many years of darkness, have real tools we can use to determine why we are really here. Determinations based on cogent theory, and observable fact.(15)

It's time to grow up

Regrettably this small pamphlet cannot contain all there is to tell about the fallacies of orthodox Mormonism.

However, it is my hope that these words have made you think. Think about how you can be deceived. Think about how the scientific method of discovery, which requires cogent theory, duplication, peer review, and openness, can help you to determine what is truth and what is fiction.(16) Think about the value of skeptical thinking. Think about how so many humans in the past have been deceived via trickery, and via their own high capacity to be duped.(17)

Thank you for taking the time to read this pamphlet. There are people willing to help you with your transition out of orthodox Mormonism. There are former Temple workers, former Bishops, former Sunday School Presidents, and so on, who are willing to help you learn the joy & the pain of thinking for yourself.(18)

What is one possible testimony of an atheist / humanist / naturalist?

"The unknown can be known via the scientific method. Hard science, peer review, and openness have a much better chance of revealing truth than solely relying on what an invisible being supposedly told someone. We are star stuff.(19) We are the universe made manifest. We finally have the tools available to determine why we are really here, where we are really going, and what the nature of our universe is..."(20)


Kokau Kola, Captain of KIRK (the Kolob Interference Reparation Kouncil).


Front image: created by the Heaven's Gate cult before they committed suicide to meet their alien gods. URL (world wide web link):

1. In addition to the Heaven's Gate cultists, there are other cults which inappropriately worship or fear aliens, such as Scientology. URL:

Also see
for information on the Mormon view of Kolob.

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2. In your human television series Babylon 5, the writers proclaim the value of being adults, and of no longer being tools of the "giants in the playground" (that we should not look to more advanced aliens as gods - not any more - that it's time we grow up).
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3. Would you like to kiss Hank's ass?

The page
shows the fallacy of believing in the gods/leaders that Mormons do.

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4. Mormons pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. They "feel" it is. Two relevant books which show it is not are: The Creation of the Book of Mormon by LaMar Petersen, and Quest for the Gold Plates by Stan Larson.

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5. An anatomic evaluation clearly shows that the Native American peoples are from Asia, not Israel. See
for info. Note that DNA evidence also now shows this as well. For more info go to:

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6. Documentation of racism against people of African descent can be found at:
And hostility toward women is mentioned at:

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7. The core of evolution (that genes change over time) is a fact, not a theory. To find out more go to:
These facts contradict the fictions of Mormonism, as found in their Abraham 3:4 and 5:13. Here is a quote: "And the Lord said unto me, by the Urim and Thummim, that Kolob was after the manner of the Lord, according to its times and seasons in the revolutions thereof; that one revolution was a day unto the Lord, after his manner of reckoning, it being one thousand years according to the time appointed unto that whereon thou standest. This is the reckoning of the Lord's time, according to the reckoning of Kolob." "But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the time that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die. Now I, Abraham, saw that it was after the Lord's time, which was after the time of Kolob; for as yet the Gods had not appointed unto Adam his reckoning."

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8. Some "must read" answers to frequently asked questions about evolution can be found at:
And here is info on the flood:
And here is a group with info on advocacy for teaching science as science, not fiction as science:

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9. See references 7, 8, & 15.
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10. See reference 5.
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11. The book & PBS TV series Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World, by David Maybury-Lewis, contains relevant documentation on xenophobia. Both are available in many libraries.
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12. Columbus prompted an invasion of America, not the "discovery" of it. See:

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13. Is there a biologic root to religion? Are non-believers more psychologically adult? See:
Are people religious because they need social interaction? If so, there are new options for the unbeliever! There are Unitarian Universalist & Humanist & Atheist groups springing up everywhere! See reference 18 for more info.

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14. There are several examples of "faith promoting" changes made to Mormon documents & Mormon history.
A few can be found at:
Also see pages 1-2, & 141 of the book The Creation of the Book of Mormon by LaMar Petersen.

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15. Books relating to the useful new tools we can use to determine truth, fact, our natures, and the nature of our universe...
Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Carl Sagan
Animal Minds by Donald Griffin
The Human Nature of Birds by Theodore Xenophon Barber
A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
COSMOS - TV series & book by Carl Sagan - both available at many libraries

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16. See the first book mentioned in ref. 15.
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17. Further information on the debunking of trickery is at:

Also see reference 1.
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18. Groups which can help you climb out of your comfort zone of self-deception are listed at the following web address:

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19. Carl Sagan stated loudly the fact that we are star stuff (as per his COSMOS series & book - see item 15 here). The TV series Babylon 5 picked up on this issue as well, by recognizing the fact that awe and devotion can be derived from admiring the value of true science. See:
for some information on how non-believers can find value in life. Is such a thing possible? Absolutely! Atheists/humanists/naturalists who find deep meaning & awe & value in life are proof that humans need not ask some god what is right and what is of value.

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20. Quote by an atheist friend. Note that there are atheists in foxholes, in spite of what Hinckley said. See:

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An online version of this pamphlet, as well as many other links to references that can help you, can be found at:

And a highly helpful site is at:

If you don't know how to access the web sites mentioned in this pamphlet, walk into any library and ask.

Prepared by the Kolob Interference Reparation Kouncil - helping to repair the damage caused by criminal aliens whom you should not worship.

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