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The Mormon General Handbook of Instructions instructs Mormon Bishops to discipline & excommunicate any member who speaks their own mind. A key element of freedom & democracy & science is being able to speak out for one's beliefs. To stand for what you believe in. To advocate a position. To be skeptical. But the Mormon Church shows, through it's General Handbook given to their Bishops & other leaders, that they are a mind controlling cult. The leaders do not want their decrees questioned. One is to not think for one's self in Mormonism.

If we are kicked out of groups for speaking our mind, then those groups are enemies to freedom & democracy & science!

[Excerpts being from Church Handbook of Instructions Book 1]

From page 67, regarding the purity test Mormons must go through to get a Mormon Temple entrance permit...

"...Members Whose Close Relatives Belong to Apostate Groups

Bishops and their counselors must take exceptional care when issuing recommends to members whose parents or other close relatives belong to or sympathize with apostate groups. Such members must demonstrate clearly that they repudiate these apostate religious teachings before they may be issued a recommend. ..."

Comment: Only a mind controlling cult would require that it's members jump though such hoops. Purity, purity of mind in Mormonism means not speaking out, not thinking for yourself.

As a Mormon a virtual iron fist is held around your neck. If you speak out, the totalitarian leaders begin to squeeze, until your spiritual life in Mormonism is dead. We must fight such evil practices, and evil people doing evil things to so many people! Freedom will prevail. We MUST & WILL fight to make it so!

From pages 89-90:

"...10. Church Discipline...

...Purposes of Church Discipline ...

The purposes of Church discipline are (1) to save the souls of transgressors, (2) to protect the innocent, and (3) to safeguard the purity, integrity, and good name of the Church. These purposes are accomplished through private counsel and caution, informal probation, formal probation, disfellowshipment, and excommunication (see pages 93-95). ...

...Protect the Innocent

The second purpose of Church discipline is to protect the innocent. With inspiration, a priesthood leader should act to protect Church members when a transgressor poses a physical or spiritual threat to them, such as by physical harm, sexual abuse, drug misuse, fraud, or apostasy (see Alma 5:59-60). ..."

Comment: Notice how apostasy is mentioned next to "physical harm, sexual abuse, drug misuse, and fraud?"

To the Mormon Church apostasy is the same as murder, rape, stealing, and drug abuse. As Mormon Church Bishops, Stake Presidents, and other leaders enter politics they will be driven to make such an equivalence toward people who aren't Mormons, and especially toward ex-Mormons, and people Mormons call "anti."

Would such actions be in line with freedom & democracy? No. All one need do for verification is to go to Utah, a state with a 70% Mormon population, and ask the non-Mormons & ex-Mormons there if they think Utah is a state which allows them to be free adult humans, or if they feel Utah is a controlling "one party state." Ask them if they think that democracy & freedom prevails in Utah? They will answer: No! The reason why? Mormonism.

What the Mormon Church leaders do not realize is that at the heart of "apostasy" is skeptical thinking, and skeptical thinking is at the heart of democracy, science, and freedom.

Excerpts from pages 94-95, which discuss when a council of local Mormon leaders is to be formed to discipline a Mormon Church member.

"...Disciplinary Councils

Because formal Church discipline is ecclesiastical, not civil or criminal, court procedures of the state or nation do not apply. However, procedures in a Church disciplinary council must be fair and considerate of the feelings of all who participate.

When a Disciplinary Council Is Mandatory

A disciplinary council must be held when evidence suggests that a member may have committed any of the following transgressions.


As used here, murder refers to the deliberate and unjustified taking of human life. It requires excommunication. Abortion is not defined as murder for this purpose. If death was caused by carelessness or by defense of self or others, or if mitigating circumstances prevail (such as deficient mental capacity or wartime conditions), the taking of a human life might not be defined as murder. Bishops refer questions on specific cases to the stake president. He may direct questions to the Office of the First Presidency if necessary


As used here, incest refers to sexual relations between a parent and a natural, adopted, or foster child or stepchild. A grandparent is considered the same as a parent. Incest also refers to sexual relations between brothers and sisters. It almost always requires excommunication. Bishops refer questions on specific cases to the stake president. He may direct questions to the Office of the First Presidency if necessary.

Child Abuse

As used here, child abuse refers to a sexual offense against or serious physical abuse of a child. If priesthood leaders learn of or suspect child abuse, they should follow the instructions on pages 157-58.


As used here, apostasy refers to members who:

Comment: The above section is an expansion on what the evil Mormon leaders put on pages 89-90.

Notice how the handbook states "...Because formal Church discipline is ecclesiastical, not civil or criminal, court procedures of the state or nation do not apply..." They actually have to go to the trouble to mention that a Mormon Church disciplinary council is not a civil one? And notice they then go on with a litany of things which a civil/criminal court would act on: Murder, incest, child abuse?

To Mormon Church leaders being an apostate is tantamount to being a murderer, or a sex abuser, or a child abuser. Think about how such thinking translates into every day life for Mormons. In the back of their minds they would just assume kill apostates (the traditional penalty for murder)!

How do churches which are freedom loving operate? They embrace democracy. They embrace debate. They know the value of such things. They know that strength comes from diversity. But a cult acts to keep you from thinking, from speaking your mind. The act of speaking is directly linked to our ability to think & reason. If we cannot speak (or write), then our ability to think is quelled.

Are you thinking of joining the Mormon Church? Maybe you better think again. Do you think there is value in thinking for yourself and speaking out about your opinion? Or are you the type of person who just sits back and lets the person at the front of the room do your thinking for you? Would you prefer to live in a totalitarian state where freedom is oppressed, or would you rather fight for freedom like Thomas Jefferson did? It's up to you. You can support freedom by leaving Mormonism, or by not becoming a Mormon yourself, and by helping to keep all your friends & neighbors away from Mormonism!






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by Jonathan

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