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Past computers I have had, and emulators for them:

zx81.jpg (10476 bytes)Sinclair ZX-81 (Timex Sinclair 1000)

Click here for basic information, and here to obtain an emulator.

The main thing this computer would do is crash. I had a 16K RAM pack, and if bumped it at all, the computer would crash. I did try some programing, and a very small amount of POKE-ing and PEEK-ing.

CP/M S-100 - (searching for photo) with 8" disk drives, in a transparent plexiglass case. Built by my bother for me. Cost over $2000 when originally purchased. Used a Heathkit H19 terminal, and an Epson MX-80 printer.

Click here for basic info, and here for more info here for emulation.

My CP/M S-100 computer was a very expensive business computer in it's day. I had some fun with CP/M, in that I was able to rewrite portions of the operating system in assembly language. One fun project was to see how high I could press the disk format parameters (sectors per track & etc). I managed to push it quite high, although the data would only stay readable on the disk for a few seconds - then it would degrade.

Sadly I destroyed most of my 8" disks, although I probably could have read them onto a PC hard drive, if I had kept them, as the interface for 8" drives is almost identical to 5&1/4 ones.


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c y b e r a r m y . c o m

security concerns - for the benefit of computer professionals concerned with security, here are some exploit related links. These are hyperlinks only - no content of this nature exists on my site. These links are provided for informational & educational purposes only - use at your own risk!

c y b e r a r m y . c o m
Serial & Crack Search Enine
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DigiCrime, Inc.

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