my favorate Blue Jay, now sadly deceased, once at Tracy Aviary

The following web sites contains bird related discussion groups:

Pages that list mailing lists:


A list I operate:

Crows mailing list - for advocates of crows, as birds to breed & interact with as pets, as birds to help, as birds to watch, and as birds to feed:

Other items:




Mynahs: http://www.mynahbird.com/cgi-bin/mynah.pl

Starlings: http://www.starlings.net/

Additionally the following bird related discussion groups exist on usenet:

rec.pets.birds -- general area for pet bird discussions
rec.birds -- bird watching & feeding
alt.pets.birds.softbills -- softbill birds as pets general area
alt.pets.birds.softbills.crows -- crows, ravens, magpies, jays, rooks, jackdaws, &c as pets
alt.pets.birds.softbills.starlings -- starling family birds as pets
alt.pets.parrots.african-grey -- African Grey parrots as pets
alt.pets.parrots.amazons -- Amazon family parrots as pets
alt.pets.parrots.cockatiels -- Cockatiels as pets
alt.pets.parrots.jardines -- Jardine parrots as pets
sci.agriculture.ratites - emus, ostriches, rheas & the like
sci.agriculture.poultry - the chickens of the world

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Background & foreground image: My favorite Blue Jay at Tracy Aviary (Utah). One of many life changing birds. He does at times jump up and down and say "Helooooe," "Helooooe." When he lived in a smaller cage he would peck at the ground when you put your finger under the dirt, and he would peck at his cage name sign when you hide your finger behind it (from his point of view). Recently he was moved to a huge cage and so you can't get very close to him for now.

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