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Organizations which work to preserve nature without opposing first hand interaction between humans and other animals:

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First hand interaction between humans and other animals can substantially enhance our desire to preserve what remains of what we have not ruined. The time has come for environmental organizations to admit as much, and to adopt as part of their mission a view that responsible first hand interaction between humans and other animals is of value, to us, and to the fellow animals with which we interact first hand.

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Antelope Island

After living in Utah for several years and neglecting my back-burner desire do this, I finally traveled out to Antelope Island. I found the whole experience intriguing. The mountains in the distance. The water. The beaches. The plants. The birds, spiders, and other animals. It's all quite intriguing and beautiful.

Antelope_Island_view_800.jpg (127589 bytes)
Above: Looking ~SW out from Antelope island (White Rock Bay), Great Salt Lake, Utah - all photos by me on this page are Jonathan

Below: You can picnic and swim on the island. Here's a cross view of White Rock Bay beach...
Antelope_Island_crossways_beach_view_800.jpg (127467 bytes)

On the trail to the Egg Island overlook trail you may encounter several billion spiders, like this one...

Antelope_Island_spider_on_Egg_Island_overlook_trail_800.jpg (98491 bytes)
To get through all the spiders I had to constantly swing my canteen in front of me.

Well, on the causeway to the island you may encounter a gull...Antelope_Island_Seagull_on_causeway_800.jpg (106259 bytes)

And here are some gulls at the end of the spider-laden Egg Island Overlook Trail on Antelope Island...

Antelope_Island_Seagulls_near_Egg_Island_overlook_800.jpg (259519 bytes)


Some plants I enjoy, info on them, and where to get them:

Mimosa related trees - An intriguing group of trees with leaves that fold up which stressed. I learned about this group in a college botany course. There are several varieties. Here are two with which I am familiar:

albijuli.jpg (19701 bytes)Albizia julibrissin - Mimosa, Silk Tree - A warmer climate tree, but it can survive in colder climates. If you keep it in colder climates, expect some of the branches to die. Mine has lost some branches. Here in Utah, in spring my Mimosa tree looks dead, then in the summer it becomes a lush and beautiful tree, and it blooms in the fall.

The image here is Derek Fell, as from this web site, which has more info on this lovely three. You can order this tree by clicking here.

ojigs.jpg (17956 bytes)Mimosa Pudica - Sensitive Plant - A smaller mimosa much more sensitive to touch, the cold, and etc. A strictly tropical plant that must be kept inside in colder climates. The image comes from this site, and this site has more info. You can order this legume from here.

I am going to try and grow this one outside en masse during the summer to see what happens.

I hope to add more to this section. If you have some suggestions for additions please let me know.

You can order some cool trees from the Arbor Day Foundation.

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