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Here are some of
the works of humans
that I value, by

Submissions and suggestions welcome for any of the following...

Birds and humans - click on the smaller image to see the larger

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Woman with Crow - by Picasso - from CGFA

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Pet Crow - by Darlene Coltrain

Art with crow family birds can be found by clicking here.


Music - the music I enjoy:

New Age / Instrumental

Chris Spheeris - intriguing instrumental works with more depth than some other works.

Ray Lynch - also a lot of depth

Hilary Stagg - electric harp music - good to listen to as the last thing you do in bed. Here are some of his albums.

Scott Cossu - selected interesting items. What I like: Gwenlaise - from this album.

Yanni - some good stuff, but watch out for "best of" albums that are nothing but previously released works.

Jean Michel Jarre - a French composer - electronic music with a heavily mechanistic motif. What I like: Revolutions

The work of Burkhard Dallwitz and Philip Glass on this album.

The work of John Williams on this album.


Johann Pachelbel - Several years ago I heard a version of his canon which is arranged with a plucking violin. Come to find out this version is arranged by Jean-Francois Paillard. There is an Americanized version sold by RCA, but I prefer the original Erato version - which is available here or here.

Bach - Toccata und Fuge d-moll - for suggestions on good versions of this item please email me at


Diana Pincess of Wales - BBC recording of funeral service. For some strange reason I found Diana's funeral very moving, even though she was a complete stranger. I guess the impact of television images is powerful.


Bob Marley - Talkin' Blues - interesting items

George Harrison - Crackerbox Palace, from Thirty Three and a Third. This album appears out of print, but several libraries have it.


Monty Python - I have Matching Tie and Handkerchief and The Final Rip Off

"Weird Al" Yankovic - I have bad hair day



Motion Pictures

For some strange reason I seem to forget the movies I have seen. However, here are a few I remember enjoying:

THX-1138 - a strange film about a man who lives in an underground society (who lives underground because of a past nuclear holocaust). The radiation has subsided, but the government in power fools people into believing it's still present. THX-1138 has the audacity to have sex with his wife, rather than solely depositing his seed into a tube provided by the state. A child results, and his wife and his child are taken away. Book by Ben Bova. Movie by George Lucas. Further info is here. My movie rental history at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City. When I lived in Utah I frequented a small independent movie theater that also rented films. It's collection was a gem especially considering the town. I recommend checking out all these films.
My ballot at the Internet Movie Database. And I also recommend the higher rated shows on my IMDB ballot.  

Radio Arts

BBC World Service - click here to listen (as from - they have other stations available as well). NPR - Talk of the Nation and Science Friday (If you live in the US, and your local NPR affiliate doesn't carry Talk of the Nation, ask them to do so.)

Television Arts - shows I have liked

Babylon 5 - an excellent science fiction drama - with depth - and a good story. Sadly it's now concluded, but in the US, it's being replayed on TNT. However, here's info on a new related series.
Red Dwarf - a highly humorous British comedy. I enjoy various other British comedies as well.
Are You Being Served - another great BBC comedy.
And here's a few more of recent note that I've enjoyed: Lexx, Farscape, Total Recall 2070, Doctor Who.


Ancient art from Pompeii and Rome

[epidermis alert: The ART works available at the following links may be deemed by some as unsuitable for their children.]
Art they didn't show you in high school history class (depending on where you live of course) -- selected art from Pompeii and other ancient Roman sources which illustrates some of the more epidermis revealing & intimate activities of homo sapiens.
Art related to Greek/Roman legend of Leda and the Swan


Math, Science, and Art

When I was finishing up my work for my baccalaureate degree, I took an art class to finish up my general education requirements. One key thing I remember my art teacher conveying to me is that artists are free to delve into the true aspects of human nature, whereas she claimed scientists are not. I didn't buy her statement then, and I don't buy it now. It seems to me the basis for such a statement is a lack of understanding of math & science. Great beauty can be found in math and science. Beauty discovered by humans. Beauty about the existence and nature of humans. Beauty which humans can appreciate.

If you believe that science & math is dry and boring, and has little to do with what "really" counts, you need to read more, and do more thinking.

Click here for info on the beauty of space & physics.

Click here for info the beauty of mathematics.


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